Who’s theory are these Modern Nursing theories?


Who’s theory are these Modern Nursing theories?

Environmental Model

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Florence Nightingale - The major component of nursing care is environmental manipulation, which is crucial to health and to the client's ability to regain it.

Interpersonal Relations in Nursing

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Hildegard Peplau - Nursing is a healing art of human relationship between the nurse and the individual who is sick, or in need of health services.

14 Basic Needs

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Virginia Henderson Known for her definition of NURSING -- to assist the individual who is sick or well in the performance of their daily activities that contributes to health or recovery.

Care-Core-Cure Model

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Lydia Hall Nursing is identified as the participation in the patient's care, core and cure aspects of healing and recovery. According to this theory, the sole function of nurses is to provide care.

Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing

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Dorothea Orem According to this theory, nursing is needed when one's self-care demand is greater than their capability to provide self-care.

Behavioral System Model

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Dorothy Johnson Nursing's Primary Goal is to foster balance/equilibrium within the individual, which allows for the practice of nursing with individuals at any point in the health-illness continuum.

21 Nursing Problem Areas

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Faye Glenn Abdellah According to her theory, nursing is grouped into 21 nursing problems in order to guide provision of care and promote the use of nursing judgment.

Prescriptive Theory

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Ernestine Weidenbach Also called Situation-producing theory; this theory tackles both a desired situation and the prescription by which it is to be brought about.

Four Principles of Conservation

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Myra Estrin Levine This theory involves 4 principles - Energy, Social integrity, Personal integrity and Structural integrity.

Goal-Attainment Theory

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Imogene King This theory views nursing as a process of action, reaction and interaction. In the process, the nurse and the client shares their views and information about the care and nursing situations.