Devices for Proper Positioning!

Devices for Proper Positioning!

Pillows Click to Flip
Pillows should be appropriate in size for the body part that will be positioned. Pillows provide support, raise/elevate body parts, and are capable of splinting incision site.

Trochanter rolls Click to Flip
Prevents external rotation of legs when patient is in the supine position. A cotton bath towel or sheet can be used to form a trochanter roll by folding it lengthwise.

Foot boots Click to Flip
Used to maintain dorsiflexion of the feet. These are made of rigid plastic or heavy foam and keep the foot flexed at the proper angle.

Sandbags Click to Flip
Provide support and shape to body contours; immobilize extremities and maintain specific body alignment. These can be used in place or in addition to trochanter rolls.

Hand rolls Click to Flip
To maintain the thumb slightly adducted and in opposition to the fingers, and maintain figures in a slightly flexed position.

Hand-wrist splints Click to Flip
These are especially molded for a specific client in order to maintain proper alignment of the thumb in slight adduction and the wrist in slight dorsiflexion.

Side rails Click to Flip
These are bars positioned along the sides of the length of the bed. These ensure that the client remains safe and are very useful in increasing mobility.

Trapeze bar Click to Flip
The trapeze bar allows the client to use the upper extremities to raise the trunk off the bed, in order to transfer from bed to wheelchair, or to perform upper arm strengthening exercises.

Bed boards Click to Flip
These are plywood boards placed under the entire surface of the matress and are useful for increasing back support and alignment (especially for soft matresses)

Wedge pillows Click to Flip
Wedge or abductor pillow is a triangular pillow made of heavy foam. It maintains the leg in abduction post-total hip replacement surgery.

Foot board Click to Flip
It prevents footdrop by maintaining the dorsiflexion of the feet. The nurse must check if the client's feet are firmly placed against the board.