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Quiz: 10 positions you should know and their uses

The client lies with face down Click to Flip
Prone position Used in: alternate position for immobilized patient. Contraindicated in: Post-abdominal surgery, Respiratory and Spinal problems.

The client lies flat on the back. Click to Flip
Supine position Used for: bedrest, post-spinal surgery, post-anesthesia patients Contraindicated to: Patients with dyspnea and those who are at risk of aspiration.

The client lies on the side with weight on the dependent hip and shoulder. Click to Flip
Side-lying position Used to: Patients with pressure sore at back or sacrum Contraindicated to: Post-hip replacement and other orthopedic surgeries

The patient lies on the side with weight distributed towards the anterior ileum, humerus and clavicle. (A semi-prone position) Click to Flip
Sims Position - Used in: Patients with pressure sores located at the back or sacrum; Contraindicated to: Patients with spine or orthopedic problems

The patient lies on its back in a sitting position raised from 80-90 degrees Click to Flip
Fowler's position -Used in: Patients with difficulty breathing; Contraindicated to: Post-spine or brain surgeries

The client lies on his back in a sitting poition raised at 30-45 degrees Click to Flip
Semi-fowler's Position - Used in: Patients with difficulty breathing and help improve cardiac output; Contraindicated to: Patients who are post-spine or brain surgery.

The patient lies in a supine position but with legs flexed and rotated outward Click to Flip
Dorsal Recumbent - Used for: vaginal examinations.

The client lies in prone position but with knees drawn to chest and buttocks are elevated Click to Flip
Knee-chest Position - Used in: Rectal examinations and procedures; Contraindicated to: Patients with arthritis or any other kind of joint deformity.

The clients assumes a supine position with hips flexed, and calves and heels located parallel to the floor thru the aid of stirrups Click to Flip
Lithotomy Position- Used in: Vaginal and rectal examinations and procedures. (Don't forget to drape!)

The clients lies in a supine position but with head positioned 30-40 degrees lower than the feet. Click to Flip
Trendelenburg Position - Used for: Postural drainage and promotion of venous blood return; Contraindicated to: Patients with increased intra-cranial pressure.


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