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A Nurse’s Dilemma

A Nurse’s Dilemma: Nurses are angels.

Lovely to hear, isn’t it?


We provide care to other people – making sure their needs are met and fulfilled, and that they feel comfortable and ensured of safety while in your care. Basically, we perform interventions in order to improve their quality of life and well-being.

Nurses work on different environment and different shifts. Schedules are non-regular – one may work on a Monday day shift, or a Saturday night, or even on a New Year’s eve. Most of nurses extend their work from 8 to 10 hours, or sometimes 12, or even function for a 16-hour duty to compromise with the lack of staff nurses in the unit. But, it’s fine. The work is so fulfilling that a 12-hour duty feels like 6, thanks to our lovable colleagues, of course. They make our work environment lighter and easier to bear.

The hectic schedule and work boosted of hustles and bustles makes a nurse stressed, sometimes unable to attend to personal needs and grooming. Nurses may survive a whole shift without taking a meal, or a gulp of water, or a toilet break. But, it is alright. Nurses are happy to serve and put their patients’ needs on top of priority over their theirs.

Unpredictable schedules and rotations, busy time-tables, extended working hours and energy-draining shifts makes nurses miss their most important life events and people. It is your daughter’s graduation day and you can’t take a day off because there’s only 2 of you, functioning staff nurses in the unit. It is your most awaited family reunion and you’re missing in action (again) because of, well, work. Your grandmother was rushed into the hospital and you’re not with her, because you have to take care of other people for 6 more hours. And, I am not sure if it’s okay.

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