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Nurse License Registration

Nurse License Registration: a step-by-step guide for new PNLE board passers.


1. Prepare the following:

• Personal Data (Including date of graduation)

• ID photo in .jpg format saved on your computer, phone or tablet (device that you will use for registration.)

• E-mail address and password

• Mobile phone number (ex: 09171102156)

• Cedula (Residence Certificate)

2. Visit PRC official website and click on INITIAL REGISTRATION

then choose where you want to apply: Central Office, Regional Offices or Overseas.

3. If you already have an account, click SIGN IN. Otherwise, you must first register by clicking the REGISTER tab and fill-in the form. Create your OWN account using your OWN e-mail address. An applicant/user is allowed of ONLY ONE valid e-mail account. Complete all fields then choose ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE.

3.1. Read the Terms of Service carefully and click the AGREE button if you wish to proceed.

3.2. Click the SIGN UP NOW button.

4. An activation e-mail will be forwarded to your registered e-mail. Click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT in order to verify your account.

5. Once verified, click the SIGN IN button.

6. Create your profile, making sure all data is CORRECT and COMPLETE. For options with SEARCH button, it is important to search with the drop down menu.



6.1 After filling-in the needed data, click on the SAVE INFORMATION button.

7. Re-check your information before clicking the YES button as you are not allowed to change information once you click it.

8. Your application details will then be displayed. You should upload your photo by clicking the CAMERA icon.

8.1.  It is important to follow the PHOTO REQUIREMENTS GUIDELINES in order to avoid delay or disapproval of your application process. Upload a photo with good quality. Click OKAY to proceed.

8.2. Upload your photo via the device you are currently using (computer, phone or tablet). Note: photo size should NOT exceed a 300 x 300 dimension.

9. To proceed, click on the SELECT TRANSACTION button.

9.1. Click on the INITIAL REGISTRATION button. Key in your PROFESSION and APPLICATION NUMBER (from NOA).  Once done, click PROCEED.


10. After clicking on your preferred payment option, a confirmation window will appear. Copy your REFERENCE NUMBER and PAY ON YOUR SELECTED PAYMENT CHANNEL.

11. Once paid, verify your status at EXISTING TRANSACTIONS tab. If already verified, click on PRINT OATH FORM button.

11.1. Click on the PRINTER ICON to print.

12. Don’t forget to log-out by clicking your name at the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the LOGOUT option.

13. On your appointment date, proceed to your selected PRC office with the PRINTED OATH FORM.

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