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Emergency Room Nurse



You are on the road when an ambulance came rushing — a medical emergency. Someone needs to be in a hospital, trauma center or urgent care center to be provided of prompt treatment. Who are the front-liners? They are the Emergency Room (ER) Nurses.

ER nurses work in a stressful, fast-moving environment. Together with the physician and other members of the health team, they provide critical management that may draw the line between life and death.

In the emergency room, there are no schedules or trends of patients — everyone and everything flare out-of-the-blue. Patients may range from newborn to elderly to pediatric; also, cases may be as simple as skin lesions or maternal-related or intubation. ER nurses encounter these cases in assortment, making it  quite stressful, but relatively fulfilling.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering about what an ER Nurse do in a day at work, then take a peek on this:

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (these are just a handful!):

  1. Work cooperatively with the other members of health care team so that interventions are provided harmoniously.
  2. Knowledge on triage system; this will ensure that the extremely life-threatening conditions be treated first.
  3. Provide first-aids which may be minor or severe.
  4. Use of critical thinking to respond to medical emergencies.
  5. Assess patient’s condition quickly and accurately.
  6. Administer medication and other interventions, which may be ordered by a physician or collaborated with other members of the health care team such as with a Medical Technologist.
  7. Do charting and refer/endorse patients.
  8. Promote clinical eye and put attention to detail.
  9. Work with calmness and patience even under difficult circumstances.
  10. Communicate effectively with patients and significant others.



According to, an Emergency Room Nurse may earn an annual wage ranging from $47,112 to $93,592. That is an hourly rate of $22.69 to $43.04!



Once you have decided to pursue Emergency Room Nursing as your career of choice, you should make an effort to:

  • Obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN to become registered and licensed.
  • Practice your profession as an RN.
  • Get certified as a Certified Emergency Nurse through Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing.
  • Promote career growth and professional advancement by obtaining a Master’s degree.

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