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Ambulatory Care Nurse


Think of someone working as a Nurse.

Where is that person’s work location?

We are aware that actually, most people’s belief is that nurses practice their profession only in a hospital setting.

But at this point of time, that is not considered true. Some of our nurses are deployed in an out-patient facility such as in health mobiles, care homes or military units or community health centres.

They are your Travelling Nurses, otherwise known as Ambulatory Nurses.

Past generation ambulatory nurses are far different from today. Our modern world and the age of technology made people adapt the on-the-go lifestyle, which means majority of the population opt out-patient facilities and tele-health care over hospitals.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ forecast on this field involves an increase in job outlook for 22% over the next 10 years!

Interesting, right? The pressure and level of stress in the out-patient department may or may not be the same with that in an in-patient, but they are both as rewarding and fulfilling!

According to, Clinical Nurses in the U.S.  earns a whopping $2,157 a week!

That’s a rate $500 higher than Registered Nurses working in a hospital setting.

BUT – work experience and location is a factor, of course.


What do Ambulatory Care Nurses do? Here’s a few:

  1. Provide immediate care to every individual and families in the community.
  2. Execute their life-saving skills in various situations and individuals. No one knows!
  3. Establish rapport with every patient including their families in order for them to work closely and efficiently.
  4. Assist individuals in health promotion and disease prevention through information dissemination.
  5. Manage diseases and prevent further complications, that’s why Ambulatory Nurses need to have good leadership skills and competently independent.
  6. Furnish nursing notes, progress remark and other reports to their referral facility or care worker.

Watch Victoria, an Ambulatory Nurse:

Once you have decided to become one, here’s a few requirement:

  1. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
  2. Pass the licensure exam in your country (NCLEX-RN) or state.
  3. Take additional courses or training focused on ambulatory care.
  4. Acquire a certification as an Ambulatory Care Nurse (if applicable)
  5. Look for a job,and your good to go!

Just don’t forget to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Chat with you there!


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