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Quiz: 6 ways to spot a noctor!


As a nurse, do you prescribe medications for a friend or family?

Do you diagnose someone who shows signs and symptoms of a disease?

Do you decide whether someone nees to go to the hospital or not?

A client just finished her 7-days antibiotic theraphy with physician's instruction to come back after the medication period. However, the client appears good with no signs of infection, will you advise her not to push through with the follow-up?

A friend phoned you asking for a medication for something. Will you advise your friend to take this drug you prescribed?

The physician referred a client for urinalysis. However, the client ask you if it is necessary since there is no pain upon urination nor changes with the urine character. Will you answer it's okay not to take the test anymore?

6 ways to spot a Noctor!
Oops, u Noctor!

Noctor is a Nurse who performs a physician's function such as drug prescription. Although this is practiced mostly by independent nurse practitioners, they still need to be under the direction of a physician in some circumstances.
Hey there, Nurse!

Clearly, you are bounded by your legal obligations and responsibilities. Good job!

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