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10 things nurses love to receive

A cheat list: 10 things nurses love to receive (For sure!)

Your nurse is truly a gift from above – adorable, skillful, and patient. Isn’t it sweet to send them gifts as dainty as they are? Here’s a few idea:

1. Allures & Illusions Syringe Pen

Nurses need black, red and green; but it’s attractive to have a bunch of these colorful syringe pens at sight! Also, nurses often times lose their pens to doctors who borrow and never return. So here’s a set of 60 pens your nurse would love. Maybe it’ll last a 60 shifts, eh?





2. 12 oz Coffee Mugs

12 ounces of coffee isn’t enough, multiply it by 12! I know. But here’s the catchy print: I WILL STAB YOU! (with a syringe, lol)

That serves as a forewarning to anyone who attempts to ask something before the nurse’s shift starts. Let them have their coffee first so you won’t get punctured! (Although you’ll still be whether or not, LOL!)

Throw some fancy Starbucks Via too for a complete package!



3. 17 oz Stemless Wine Glass Funny Two-Sided

And hey, don’t get me wrong — coffee’s AMAZING, but nurses need shots, too!

Nurses do say that anything less or excessive is bad. So help them get the right amount of that badly-needed brandy! Whether it’s a good day, a bad day, or…. ugh, don’t even ask.

Just a reminder: Be safe. Drink with a nurse!




4. “101 Blessings for Nurses” Cards – A Box of Blessings

Better yet, remind them of their blessings with this 101 cards of inspirational message.

Show them they are appreciated so why not make it a hundred and two? Add up that biggest blessing so far – you, you gorgeous generous patient!





5. Nurses 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar: Jokes, Quotes, and Anecdotes


Give them a calendar that doesn’t only remind them of 4 consecutive graveyard shifts! This 2018 day-to-day calendar is filled with jokes, quotes and anecdotes!

Now isn’t it beautiful to receive a calendar like this?





6. Nursing Clipboard with Storage by Tribe RN™


This purple clipboard is not your ordinary clipboard! It has storage, quick access to medical references and class! This one’s very handy and beautiful! Give them this and your nurse will be reminded of you every shift!






Super Nurse 3D Rubber Retractable Badge Holder


And of course, nurses are heroes who don’t wear capes, aren’t they?

Give them this retractable badge holder so they can place their Super Nurse symbol on their chests with pride.








Prestige Medical Nurse Cargo Bag


This prestige medical nurse cargo bag can make your Super Nurse function anytime, anywhere. This handy bag comes with everything a nurse-in-action needs.





Cotton Compression Socks


With all of the hustles and the bustles at workplace, your nurse oftentimes get that tired, painful feet. Give them these compression socks made of 100% cotton for an extreme comfort!






Nurses Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

Lest we forget, F O O D.

Nursing is life, but food is lifer. Give them this insulated lunch tote bag so they can carry their lunch at shifts. Who wouldn’t want to have their lunch warm and well-packed, ayt?





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